Coding vs Programming

Coding is a mere typing exercise to express the logical sequence of steps in the form of a well indented paragraph. It is specific to syntax and the language.

Programming is problem solving exercise, which forces you think continuously. Its a two step process.

First and the most crucial step is to “Define the Problem Statement”. This is the most important and difficult step as all the use cases which needs to be satisfied must be clearly identified. The accuracy of the solution will depend on this step. This doesn’t depend on how you express. It could be a flow chart or diagrams depicting the problem statement.

Second step is to provide a logical sequence of the steps. The elegance, re-usability and scalability of the solution will depend on this step, as domain/technology specific knowledge is essential.

After some experience in using the msdn, I am confident that any software technology can be easily learnt by spending some time with a well documented API.

Hence a solid first step, is essential for a rock solid solution.


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