Building RIA using Flex 3

I had an opportunity to explore Adobe Flex 3 for a couple of weeks. I would be sharing my experience and findings in the posts to follow here…

Initial feeling is that it is really cool technology for web development because

>of its very rich UI

>its open source, the entire source code is available

>development is independent of the browser, as the Flash player takes care of all the issues relating to the  browser

But then the not so attractive things are

>its not as developer friendly as the tools from Microsoft

>Flex 3 doesnt have the strong type casting

>the UI controls are not as intutive and object oriented as the windows controls. Dont be surprised to find out that the Tree control doesnt really have any nodes and the Grid doesnt have any rows.

>the documentation and IDE, when compared to msdn and VS.NET IDE

But the availability of the source code makes it comforting for you to dig down and get the job done.


2 comments so far

  1. Pavan on

    I think I just started feeling a little comfortable with Flex controls….. So what, if the microsoft development tools are extremely developer friendly and know each other even before they were born, Flex provides you with the source code implementation, go figure it out for your self to build the coolest UI 🙂

  2. bostown03 on

    In my humble opinion,

    Flex provides you with the flexibility and extensibility of RIA objects and unlike Ajax calls where you must process a lot of your return values and catch for return codes, it makes it easier and more elegantly to recover or fail your processes.

    All those who are familiar with Object orientation, javascript and client side development, should have an ‘edge’ in using this technology.

    It has made our lives easier.


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